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Fanfiction: Deuces Wild (Rogue/Gambit)

Title: Deuces Wild
Author: Lucia de'Medici
Pairing: Rogue/Gambit
Universe: Ultimate X-Men (comicverse)
Rating: Teen/Mature
Genre: Romance/Humor
Summary: In which Gambit finally manages to get into Rogue's head, but at a cost.


Warm Mississippi nights always seemed to Rogue to be much more vivid in memory than they were before she’d come to New York. The shroud that wraps around childhood softens their clarity with time – edges becoming less sharp the farther away you grow from evenings that seem more like daydreams the more time passes.

Rogue can call them back to her easily. It’s her mutation that allows her this small blessing, a silver lining to her curse; like the roughened sighs of those too weary to lift themselves from where they’d fallen, spent, the memories rise like unsettled dust motes from pieces of childhood overturned. Shaken out, they sparkle where the moonlight catches them – becoming gradually stronger when focused on.

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Soooo, I went to LeakyCon this summer and met some people who were also at Lumos and wooooowww was that a trip down memory lane. It was 7.5 years ago, wth.
I'm still consistently floored that the people in HP fandom from way back are still going to cons. It's amazing.
I had so much fun this summer! I went with other fandom people who were in HP, but that I did't meet thru HP. I actually met them all thru SPN, and they are all my best friends now. I lived with one at one point, and another is porbs my closest friend. But we ended up working the con and it was kind of amazing to see all the kids who were our age back then coming to their first/second con and exploring fandom and jfc, were we that young once.